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The way the code works is by having my code ask you a question and you choose either yes or no and that will take you somewhere else, but the code didn’t finish after that. For the final I will complete the code using two questions, that  you can completely answer without getting an error

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For the second version I changed both of the questions, but I still had not correctly coded the code for all possible answers for these questions. For the final I have to put all possible answer combinations in my code.

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For my third copy of the code I added code where if the user running code answers the code incorrectly, they would be sent back to the question that they failed to answer correctly, and they will try again. For the final copy I will try to add all possible combinations of yes or no answers.

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I added all possible yes or no combinations, but I had a few grammatical errors. For the final copy I have to fix these mistakes, but also add an “END” to the code.

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For this version of my code, version 5, I fixed more grammatical mistakes, but I still had not added an “END”.

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For version 6 of my code I added the END line to my code.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.46.37 PM

Finally I had fixed all grammatical errors in my code, and the whole code works perfectly fine, like how I wanted it to.



Conditional 1: If you are a top team in soccer, then you play in the champions league

Conditional 2 If your team is in the champions leauge, then your team is filled with amazing players

Syllogism If you are a top team in soccer, then your team is filled with amazing players

Conditional 1 If you buy an expensive shoe you bought a good quality shoe

Conditional 2 If you bought a shoe of good quality then your shoes should last long

Void “Syllogism”:  If you bought a shoe of good quality then you have bought an expensive shoe

Conditional 1 If you’re  are a cat, then you are a mammal

Conditional 2 If you’re a mammal, then you have hair

Syllogism If you’re a cat, then you have hair


Conditional and Converses

Conditional 1:

If an angle is 35 degrees, then that angle is acute

Converse 1:

If an angle is acute then the angle is 35 degrees

Ex.) The converse is false because, another acute angle can be 45 degrees




Conditional 2:

If you listen to Eminem, you are listening to rap

Converse 2:

If you are listening to rap, you are listening to Eminem





Conditional 3:

If you score more goals then the other team then you win the match

Converse 3:

If you win the match then you scored more then the you played


define post personal branding

sitemappBIn each page I will talk about totally different interests of mine. At the bottom of each page however, I will have a link to each page in the whole Personal Branding project. I will name each page the category of what i’ll talk about .html. For example something like soccer.html. I may put something like soccerpg.html. I might use both names. I will store each picture in the laptop obviously, but when it’s about a certain topic then I’ll put the picture in the folder corresponding to that page instead of the whole project’s folder. The link of  <A HREF=”../soccer/soccer.html”> will let them go through the pages. This is an example of one page.