5D Stages For Our Skateboard

Miguel, Alex                                                                     Section:

Prototyping Design                                      Skateboard Deck

Discover Stage

What did you learn about the wood used in skateboards?

There are multiple types of wood you can use to create skateboards, they are, Baltic Birch Plywood, Bamboo, and Canadian Maple veneer.

What did you learn about stacking wood for the deck?

There are 7 layers needed to create a sturdy deck, you must use long grain layers of the wood after the cross grain layer is place and visa versa.

Why are there so many different layers?

They are this many layers of veneer to make the deck ridable by someone. It goes from one grain to another so that every part of the board will be sturdy.


Define Stage

What was everything that needed to be done to prepare for your board?

What tools/materials did you use?

We had to think of a design to put on a board. The theme of the board in general. We needed to make the deck like a proper skateboard by sanding it to make it smooth, and cutting off unwanted edges with a scraper to keep it good looking. To smush the layers of veneers together we used a plastic casing with the air being vacuumed out of it to keep the veneers together. We used glue to keep the veneer together.

What were the constraints in building a skateboard deck?

The glue had to be spread quickly if not it will dry and the veneer wouldn’t stick properly. The veneer had to be placed correctly if not the board would not be sturdy. If we didn’t suck out all the air from the board container then the veneer wouldn’t have stuck properly. The board had to be sanded and scraped precisely.


Design Stage

What are four (2) graphic designs for your skateboard deck?

  • List the things that work well about each design 

  • Add an image for each one

The two graphic designs are two anime characters, Goku and Madara.

They work well with each other because they are both famous anime characters from very famous shows, Dragonball and Naruto Shippuden.

Based on the information you have provided above…

  • Which design is most likely to be successful?

  • What factor was the most important in helping you decide?

The design most likely to be successful is Madara since his picture will be smaller on the board and also his design is simpler to draw.

The most important factor was theme of the board and how we wanted the board to like.

IMG_0066 (2)IMG_0065

Develop Stage

-List the material and supplies you will need for the design that you picked

I will need modge podge, paint, acrylic vinyl, markers, and pencil

Write any problems you have and any changes you made to your design and why?

I messed up by adding marker before the  modge podge, but the color that the design got because of the marker bleeding because of the wet modge podge made my character, Goku, look more like he does in the anime.

We added more to our board by adding acrylic vinyl to it, along with paint for our characters hair, and also laser cutting some Japanese words on the front of the board.




Deliver Stage 

Does your designs meet the requirements?

Compare your design to the requirements you listed in the discover stage.

Does it meet all of the requirements? If not, what didn’t it meet and why not?

It meets all requirements, they were to add acrylic vinyl, modge podge, paint, and laser cuts. We did everything on our board.  Most of our board is covered and we kept the same Japanese theme all around it which I feel makes the board really precise and really thought out.

Does it meet constraints? 

Compare your design to the constraints you listed in define stage. Does it meet all of the constraints? If not, what doesn’t it meet and why not?

Our board was finely sanded and scraped. The board like pretty sturdy and the veneer was correctly placed and what shows us this is that the board doesn’t have veneers sticking out of it. The board also doesn’t have veneers misplaced because we glued the board well. We spread the glue out evenly.

What changes could you have done to improve your design?

We could have a bit more paint to the board. We have a reason for not doing so though, and that is because we still wanted some aspects of just the pure wooden board, so we kept some parts of the board without any design or color.






I finally chose a good looking peacock. I made it fit the screen properly. I also chose a colorful, but beautiful feather. I also made stage directions and with that the variables as well.