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Present findings to an external audience

Engage in external evaluation

  • Explain how you made decisions about how to design and build your car
  • I thought about people who like fast cars, but also like to adventure outside the streets. My car had off road wheels, went fast like a super car, and also had one seat for the car to go as quick as it can. I also made it into a convertible so that when the roof is closed the egg inside will be protected with cotton and it won’t break, or fallout.
  • Describe how and why you adjusted your plan or process during construction
  • I  thought about making the wheels first from there I would put a platform on that, but making the wheels perfect size was hard for me so I then changed the car and wheels, and the car came with a perfect place for an egg to fit, so I used the new car and design instead.

Reflect on the results

  • How successfully did your car meet the project constraints?
  • I met most constraints, but my egg cracked so I did not meet all of them.
  • How successful was your process for building your car?
  • It was a smooth and gradual process in my opinion. Everyday I came to class and changed or added something to the car.
  • What did you learn about yourself during this project?
  • I learned that i’m not a creative person. I also procrastinate too much and that is not good.
  • What will you try to improve on when you do projects in future courses?
  • I will try to improve on my timing of when I start and do my project. I will try to be more creative when doing a project. I would want to meet all the project’s constraints.

“Egg Car Project – Define”

  • Describe how you organized the information you have about this project and about car safety features

Every time I finished a text on a safety feature of a passenger in a car, I would write down information from the text describing how and what the safety feature is. I wrote down the most important lines of the readings. How I organized information about the actual project was by having a knows/need to knows chart. From there I knew where I can start on the project and what I needed to complete the project.

  • Describe how you evaluated the information to decide which features to include in your car

When I chose the information from the notes I took I then put the information in a chart and also where I got the information from. I decided on what to put in the chart the information I thought was the best to incorporate into my car.

  • Identify 2-3 pieces of information from the readings that you will use in your egg car design

“A seat belt helps you fro m hurdling to the dashboard or windshield.” I got it from the article “Seat belts”, paragraph 2, line 1-2. I will use this information to keep my egg from leaving it’s seat. This will keep my egg from hitting the front of the car, or dashboard, and cracking.

“A soft pillow to land against in a crash.” I got it form the article “Airbags”, paragraph 1, line 1-2. I will not use a pillow, but something soft to keep my egg from cracking if it hits the dashboard. It will be my back up if the seat belt does not work.

We will be figuring out a way to make carry an egg as quick as it can to collide with a wall without having the egg crack.

I will carry the egg in the car having it secured by a seat belt and when it hits the wall and the seat belt fails I will have a soft padding on the dashboard to keep the egg from cracking.

 I might have padding on the floor to keep the from cracking if it hits the floor of the car. Basically I will have cushioning all over the car so that when the egg is anywhere in the car then it will not be likely for the egg to crack.


Egg Car Design

I will need toy parts of an actual toy car and many house hold necessities like tape, string, sponge, and cotton balls,etc. I will go to toy R us and to my house. I might also go to the 99 cents store. I will make the wheels first, with rubber wheels and plastic rims, then i,ll put the exterior of the car together with maybe cardboard or plastic, and then the interior with sponges, cotton balls, and string.

All wheels will run on the car so it will be fast and able to go on off road materials, this car would attract young eggs.

I will need to get a powerful engine.

I know it will be successful because the car will be simple and straight to the point. I will also test it and modify as much as I can. I will test the car with different speeds and materials. Young eggs will love my car since the car will be fast, stylish, and comfortable.



Egg Car Project-Discover

  • What is the problem/task you need to solve in this project?

We will be figuring out a way to make carry an egg as quick as it can to collide with a wall without having the egg crack.

  • What are the most important “knows” about this project?

I know that the car cannot be longer then Cm on either side of the car.

We will have the competition on the 17th of May.

    • What are the important “need-to-Knows”                                                                          Is there a weight limit to the car?
      • Finding Information

      Three articles that we have read in class.

      • Awareness of Constraints                                                                                           The knows up there are some constraints, but another one would be that the car needs two wheels.