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Deliver: scroller.sb2

My original goal for this project was for the person, originally Usain Bolt, to run and jump as many hurdles as they can until they hit one and then the game would end.

Currently my background moves with the sprite. I also have a game end screen that works with the hurdle also appearing on when I start the game.

The parts that aren’t working in my program is to getting the hurdle on both sides of the track to go to the sprite. My sprite has a decent animation, but the motion can be better.

The most important thing to fix in my scratch program would be the hurdles working properly.

  1. Fix hurdle motion and behavior
  2. Fix my sprite, Adrian’s, motion

Define: scroller.sb2

The part I will create first will be the person. As soon as I know how the person will look then I will create the track according to the person’s look.

The hardest part to create I believe will be creating the backdrops. I want to make the animation as smooth as possible like if the the sprite is actually running.

The part I think I will need help on will be creating the backdrops look realistic as possible.

The type of animation will be the flip-book technique.

Discover: scroller.sb2

Animated sprite: I will use a person looking like they are in a running position.

Theme: It will be a person running on a backdrop that looks like a track in the Olympics.

Brief description: A person will look like they are running on a track. The person will be ahead of everyone else. The person will look like he’s running to the rights.