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Design: scroller.sb2








Midpoint status report: cloner.sb2

I am trying to get the feathers to pan one at a time. I’m also trying to make the feathers show different colors as they pan out the peacock. I do not know whether to add sound or not. I have the peacock, it’s habitat, and the feather in placed on the peacock. I have to get the feather to get perfectly placed on the peacock and want the feathers to pan out manually at a time. I can still reach the original goals of the project plus add a new one and that would be adding sound to the animation.

  1. Get the feathers working properly
  2. Fix the variable counter
  3. Add sound

Deliver: cloner.sb2

The objective of my project was to have a peacock get it’s feather panned out manually. The peacocks feather pans out, the variable counters work as they are supposed and also the feathers change color when I press the space bar to add a feather. The sound mechanism is not working on my animation. In the time left I have to fix the sound mechanism so that when the whole peacock is covered the program produces a sound one time.

  1. Sound mechanism

Define: cloner.sb2

To get the peacock’s feathers to appear one at a time I will have codes that show a new colored feather appear every time I press the space bar. For the background I will download a peacock’s habitat and put that as the background behind the peacock. I also think i’ll download the peacock off the internet with maybe one feather. I will need a peacock sprite, feather sprite, and a peacock’s home as a background.

Discover: cloner.sb2

I will have a peacock spreading it’s feathers one at a time, but with different colors. I start off with a peacock with one feather and then  a new feather with appears that’s a  different color every time something gets pressed or happens. The background was be a peacock’s habitat.

Deliver: scroller.sb2

My original goal for this project was for the person, originally Usain Bolt, to run and jump as many hurdles as they can until they hit one and then the game would end.

Currently my background moves with the sprite. I also have a game end screen that works with the hurdle also appearing on when I start the game.

The parts that aren’t working in my program is to getting the hurdle on both sides of the track to go to the sprite. My sprite has a decent animation, but the motion can be better.

The most important thing to fix in my scratch program would be the hurdles working properly.

  1. Fix hurdle motion and behavior
  2. Fix my sprite, Adrian’s, motion