develop post personal branding



define post personal branding

sitemappBIn each page I will talk about totally different interests of mine. At the bottom of each page however, I will have a link to each page in the whole Personal Branding project. I will name each page the category of what i’ll talk about .html. For example something like soccer.html. I may put something like soccerpg.html. I might use both names. I will store each picture in the laptop obviously, but when it’s about a certain topic then I’ll put the picture in the folder corresponding to that page instead of the whole project’s folder. The link of  <A HREF=”../soccer/soccer.html”> will let them go through the pages. This is an example of one page.

deliver post personal branding

I might be able to complete my project on time. The reason I say might is because I started it, but i’m not too far into it and can work on it today throughout the whole day since passing every other class.

I don’t need to change my goal, all I have to do is try to accomplish my goal a little quicker then I thought I had to do it.

I need to finish the home page of my web design and then start and finish the other three. I also need to do the define, and the design post.

midpoint status report

My website, currently, isn’t on schedule for completion by June 13, but it will be.  I do not need to change your goals to be something less than the creation of the complete, working site. I just need to continue with my goals I have in mind to complete the page.

List to complete the page:

1. Discover Post

2. Define Post

3. Design Post

4. Develop Post

5. Deliver Post

discover post personal branding

When people think of my name I would want them to think that I am an independent  person. I am a nice guy.

My website will focus on happy things that describe me and thinks that I like to do or would use.

I know a lot about math and futbol. I know a bit about games too.

I am from Bronx, NY. The climate here is when it’s June, July, and August it is hot and summer. September through November it gets chilly and we call this season fall. November through march it is winter our coldest months. April through mid June it’s warm and we call this spring.

My hobbies are playing video games, playing futbol, and that’s mostly it.

I’m interested in a career involved with engineering or maybe architecture.

Some challenges I have overcome so far are the problem I had with asthma and doing well in school consistently in all my years in school.

Currently, I like to play video games, futbol, and hang out with family.

I would like to point out that i’m a nice and compassionate person.

I like dark and light images. I like the colors white and black especially when they blend together. I like pictures with not too many bright colors and backgrounds.

I like nature and realistic images that look like something we have in the world today like animals, car brands, and food.

I like a simple environment around the main focus point of the photo.

I like photos with one type of category and not all over the place like cars and foods being in one picture.

I like the different body postures and facial expressions.