Anatomy of the RedBoard

RedBoard Anatomy.png


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  1. miguelblog221 · June 1, 2017

    ATmega328 microcontroller- chip or “computer” of the board

    pin 13 LED- blinks when board receives proper working code

    7-15 volt power supply input- is the amount of voltage the board needs to be powered

    transmission LED- transmits code to the board

    power LED- stays on when board is powered correctly to show board is working how it should be

    reception LED- receives the code

    USB port to computer- can be used to give power to board via a computer or SV regulated USB wall charger

    analog pins- dims LEDs or run servo motors

    ISP header- where all wires are connected to

    power pins- used as power sources for other hardwares( like LEDa, potentiometers, and other circuits

    reset button- resets everything on board

    digital pins- are what you connect buttons, LEDs, sensors, to interfere with the Adruino with other hardware.


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