Electrical Vs Electronics

Electrical definition- Objects which takes electricity and turns it into some other form of energy like light, motion, heat, anti heat, etc.

Electronic definition- Objects which for the most part has some type of computer controlling these objects, and or objects like transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits.

Electronic circuits have the ability of precessing things whilst electronics do not have this ability.

List of disadvantages NYC faced in switching to electronic traffic lights

  • The traffic lights throughout the city can be hacked through a computer and that can cause major disasters.
  • People would have to be retrained to learn how electronic lights work from once knowing how they work through an electric point of view.
  • This costed a lot of time and money to install these new electronic lights.


List of advantages NYC faced in switching to electronic traffic lights

  • No one well need to go to each individual traffic light pole and fix the wiring to fix the light.
  • Traffic will flow smoothly with an automated timed, computerized light controlled system.
  • It will improve the safety of people if the lights work properly 95% percent of the time.
  • Traffic lights can be fixed quicker if someone is always monitoring the NYC traffic lights in a certain area.


I think NYC did the right thing in changing a lot of NYC traffic lights to be electronically instead of electrical because, driving becomes smoother meaning less accidents and more safety, hence less traffic; which is always a good thing! If a problem come ups with a light, the fixing of the light would come quicker because it is electronically controlled instead of electrically controlled.




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