Conditional and Converses

Conditional 1:

If an angle is 35 degrees, then that angle is acute

Converse 1:

If an angle is acute then the angle is 35 degrees

Ex.) The converse is false because, another acute angle can be 45 degrees




Conditional 2:

If you listen to Eminem, you are listening to rap

Converse 2:

If you are listening to rap, you are listening to Eminem





Conditional 3:

If you score more goals then the other team then you win the match

Converse 3:

If you win the match then you scored more then the you played



One comment

  1. miguelblog221 · February 8, 2017

    The converse of a true conditional is not always necessarily true. The reason for this is because somethings can have a cause and effect, but is it not always the case that the effect can cause, the initial cause to react.


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