Delivery Post

Present findings to an external audience

Engage in external evaluation

  • Explain how you made decisions about how to design and build your car
  • I thought about people who like fast cars, but also like to adventure outside the streets. My car had off road wheels, went fast like a super car, and also had one seat for the car to go as quick as it can. I also made it into a convertible so that when the roof is closed the egg inside will be protected with cotton and it won’t break, or fallout.
  • Describe how and why you adjusted your plan or process during construction
  • I  thought about making the wheels first from there I would put a platform on that, but making the wheels perfect size was hard for me so I then changed the car and wheels, and the car came with a perfect place for an egg to fit, so I used the new car and design instead.

Reflect on the results

  • How successfully did your car meet the project constraints?
  • I met most constraints, but my egg cracked so I did not meet all of them.
  • How successful was your process for building your car?
  • It was a smooth and gradual process in my opinion. Everyday I came to class and changed or added something to the car.
  • What did you learn about yourself during this project?
  • I learned that i’m not a creative person. I also procrastinate too much and that is not good.
  • What will you try to improve on when you do projects in future courses?
  • I will try to improve on my timing of when I start and do my project. I will try to be more creative when doing a project. I would want to meet all the project’s constraints.

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