Egg Car Design

I will need toy parts of an actual toy car and many house hold necessities like tape, string, sponge, and cotton balls,etc. I will go to toy R us and to my house. I might also go to the 99 cents store. I will make the wheels first, with rubber wheels and plastic rims, then i,ll put the exterior of the car together with maybe cardboard or plastic, and then the interior with sponges, cotton balls, and string.

All wheels will run on the car so it will be fast and able to go on off road materials, this car would attract young eggs.

I will need to get a powerful engine.

I know it will be successful because the car will be simple and straight to the point. I will also test it and modify as much as I can. I will test the car with different speeds and materials. Young eggs will love my car since the car will be fast, stylish, and comfortable.




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