Computer Categories 2


  • Processing    Ex.) Chip, Motherboard
  • Storage Ex.) SSD, HD
  • Input/Output Ex.) Camera, Speaker  


  • Data Ex.) Words, Numbers
  • Programs Ex.) Google Chrome, Microsoft Words



One comment

  1. miguelblog221 · May 13, 2016

    Hardware: these are the physical parts of a computer that we can touch and see.
    Processing: It makes all aspects of a computer work, this is what makes a computer, a computer. This would be like a heart.
    Storage: This part of the hardware holds all the data and programs in the computer. It would be like the brains of a human.
    Input/Output: This is what lets the computer interact with the user, the world, and any other computer. This would be like a human’s five senses.
    Software: this is information and instructions for a computer to use.
    Data: All data is, is information that the computer holds. It’s the computer’s knowledge.
    Programs: This aspect of software interacts with the data in the computer. Programs are like its thought.


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